Monday, December 29, 2008

A good friend

When you start dancing pen, ink will say that dumb-word :
"Simply share the feeling, to remove the tendency, hesitate compose. If graffiti is quiet, lonely, who are lodged in soul.If debonair touch, the exhilaration is currently throne as yan. According to tramp life, the divine traveler. Hopefully, His mercy is always with us under. "

A good friend never nibble at the back of his good friend.

A good friend never jealous of success with his good friend.In A good friend is most of his good friend's help to achieve success.

A good friend never affect his good friend to make things worse and useless.

A good friend is a good friend advise him to do good.

A good friend is the first person to be searched when they arrived the sad or happy.

A Good friend where we vomit, that I need Hardcore Heartfelt Warriors to a normal friend.

A good friend never force his good friend to always be yourself.

A good friend never forbade his good friend to be with friends.

A good friend never a good idea if envious have many good friends, I know better what is best for both of them.

A good friend will always bless the welfare and happiness of good will in the world and the Hereafter in the piano.

We are good friends if we understand that our good friend is not a perfect one.

We are good friends if we become a good friend to both of us.

We are not that good if we do not appreciate our good friend, I will always appreciate his good friend.

A good friend

We are not that good if we do not tell the good things to our good friend, because of the good things will always deliver a good friend to both.

A good friend this will prolong the script to a friend-i, not because of forced, not because like-like, but to be used as guidelines by-i so friends can become a good friend to his good friend.

And if we can have both a good friend, we must first become a good friend ... a good friend to us.

And hopefully we became good friends who both ...!!!!!

"Hate will bring two friends into enemies, the two leaders will debate, the two countries will be turbulent and two continents will be destroyed".

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