Monday, December 29, 2008

Between Cigarette Smoke And Aroma flatus

What is the relationship between cigarette smoke and the aroma fart? There are similarities, others differences.

Equality of it, release the same roomy and accept the same and do not like loud protests.

Now the difference. According to records, smoke a cigarette giants like Random House, by the active actual nicotian more dangerous and more toxic than smoke These are the first time. Unfortunately, it often smoke cigarettes to Women by those who choose not to smoke, making them exposed to the risk of the disease higher. However, there is no record that the wind caused the smoke cancer, heart attack, and interference in the fetus.

Differences in the other. If a smoker be reproved by the people affected by cigarette smoke it, then the smoker will usually be more angry and vicious than the reprimand. Unfortunately, if a fart be reproved by the people affected by its wind, the wind should apologize and will be considered reasonable if not exactly angry and more ferocious than the reprimand.

One more difference. There was no record that says there is 1 person in the history of the world who died of smoke poisoning due to wind. Meanwhile, smoking has resulted in the death of millions of people each year.

There is still a difference. Flatus is a natural phenomenon and is part of the process of disposal system and human health. Smoking is not.

Frostbite of the story? Let us all more tolerant of those people as we like wind tolerant with people who smoke. Or we have to think, if the wind only to be vain apologize, let alone a smoker smoking vain.

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