Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Google Block Chrome Some in the State

Google's new browser release, Chrome it can not be enjoyed in all countries. To a certain country, Chrome can not be trying the internet users.

One blogger, Yaser Sadeq origin Syria promised not to be Chrome.

"When I heard there is a new browser release of Google, I want to try it. When I go to the site / chrome, which appears eror message is: The requested URL / service / prod_unavailable.html was not found on this server," Yaser write in the blog.

Not only Chrome, but the other Google products like Google Talk and Gmail Notifier also not able to ditembusnya.

Usut have usut, in this case, it is not Syria, the countries that do block as well as Syria to block Facebook, Skype and several other blogging sites.

Jessica Dheere said to journalists written in MediaShift, this time Google is doing the blocking.

"We can not allow Google Chrome downloaded in Cuba, Syria, South Korea, Iran and Sudan," said the speaker to Google Jessica, as quoted Detikinet of MediaShift, Wednesday (15/10/2008).

Further explained, this is a command from the central control the export of the United States (U.S.) as economic sanctions to the countries concerned.

Meanwhile, Google is based in the country Adidaya must follow all of the rules issued by the state.

Even so, despite the official internet users in countries affected by the sanctions can not be perforated to download Chrome and various other Google products, but many roads are still 'underground' that can be accessed. However Jessica said.

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chi,  October 16, 2008 at 10:16 PM  

google blocks iran, sudan, and syria due to export control laws. so blame the US government and not google. they're just trying to play by the laws and regulations of their nation.

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